Tim Sattler
Founder - CEO

Email: tim@yakhops.com
Phone: 509-952-2575

Lee Rottweiler
Owner - Vice President

Email: lee@yakhops.com
Phone: 206-859-7893

John Goins
Director of Operations

Email: john@yakhops.com

Phone: 509-853-7998

Abby Sigler
Operations Manager

Email: abby@yakhops.com

Phone: 509-961-8740

Tyler Cox
Brewery Resource Manager

Email: tyler@yakhops.com

Phone: 509-952-1156

Ryon Nehls
Warehouse Lead

Phone: 509-654-4872

Armando Aguilar
Warehouse Support

Phone: 509-823-0700

Dani von Zimmermann
Operations Support

Email: dani@yakhops.com
Phone: 509-969-3400

Daniel Preciado
Refrigeration Lead

Phone: 509-949-5811

Alec Lemke
Warehouse Support

Phone: 509-895-4536

Want to join the team?

We are always looking for ambitious, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial people to join our team.  If this sounds like you, drop us a line with what you can bring to our company that sets you apart from anyone else.