Yakima Quality Hops Introduces Elani™ Brand (YQH-1320 cv.)

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YAKIMA, Wash., Aug. 2023 – Yakima Quality Hops, a leading hop distributor based in the Yakima Valley, is thrilled to introduce its new proprietary hop brand, Elani™ Brand (YQH-1320 cv.). Elani (pronounced ee-LAH-nee) boasts tropical notes of pineapple and guava along with white peach and citrus aromas of tangerine, lime, and orange zest.

Frequently described as clean and bright, Elani™ Brand (YQH-1320 cv.) has found favor among brewers in hop-forward beer styles such as West Coast IPAs, hazy IPAs, and pale ales, among others. Its mid-range alpha acid content and high total oils provide brewers flexibility to use the variety alone or in combination with other impactful hops. Suitable for both whirlpool and dry-hop applications, Elani™ Brand (YQH-1320 cv.) integrates seamlessly into brewers’ hop bills.

“Elani has been such a versatile hop for us,” Geoff Belcher, head brewer for New Realm Brewing’s Charleston location, said. “It shines very well by itself and plays extremely well with others. With big citrus notes and nice tropical undertones, you can expect to see Elani becoming a staple in many future recipes!”

Joe Pawelek, brewmaster for Wicked Weed Brewing, agrees. “Elani is truly multi-functional, whether it be hot-side, cold-side, or preferably both,” Pawelek said. “Elani exhibits aromas of mango, blueberry, citrus, and cantaloupe. The hidden undertones of dank resin, papaya, and juicy fruit give it the ultimate title at Wicked Weed as the best single-hopped beer we have ever produced. Layered with your favorite hops, Elani will stand out and fit in all at once.”

Yakima Quality Hops owner Tim Sattler discovered Elani™Brand (YQH-1320 cv.) in Idaho’s St. Joe River Valley, an area he often explored on family outings as a child. This region boasts a rich brewing history with late-19th century and early-20th century miners and loggers frequently brewing beer using hops cultivated near their camps. YQH-1320 likely resulted from an open cross-pollination of these hop plants.

After years of observation, Sattler brought rhizomes back to the Yakima Valley for further testing and development. DNA results confirmed YQH-1320 is genetically unique, and the new variety was patented in January of 2024. With more than 70 acres under cultivation,YQH-1320 is now available to the world as Elani™ Brand (YQH-1320 cv.) Hops. “

“Releasing Elani feels surreal,” Sattler said. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a great hop brand that fulfills the needs of growers, dealers, and brewers. I’m excited to continue working with brewers to meet their expectations of an outstanding aroma hop that is consistent year after year.”

The brand name Elani™ is derived from Melanie, Sattler’s late sister and the mother of YQH vice president Lee Rottweiler.

“We chose Elani™ primarily as a tribute to my sister, Melanie, whom we lost in 2011,” Sattler explained. “Melanie was a beautiful, loving, caring, and immensely strong woman. YQH is very much a family business, co-owned by Lee and myself, and it felt appropriate to name our flagship hop after one of the most important and influential people in our lives.”

Rottweiler shared YQH’s intention to keep Melanie’s kind and generous spirit forefront as they share Elani™ Brand (YQH-1320 cv.) with the world. “Our joy working in the craft community has always come from building relationships, from finding ways to support our hop growers and our brewing partners,” he said.

With recent weather patterns continuing to challenge the hop industry, high yields and outstanding heat tolerance make Elani™ Brand hops suitable for diverse growing regions. At present, Elani™ Brand (YQH-1320 cv) are grown by CLS Farms, Leo Gasseling & Sons, and Gooding Farms.

For those interested in brewing with Elani™ Brand (YQH-1320 cv.), please email Lee Rottweiler at lee@yakhops.com or Tim Sattler at tim@yakhops.com

Press release update 04/09/24