Alpha Acids: 3 – 6.5%

Released in 1993, Spalter Select (sometimes referred to as Select) was bred to be a disease resistant, higher yielding version of Spalt, one of the four noble hops. Spalter Select is the daughter of both Spalt and Mittelfruh. It displays similar characteristics to its noble heritage and is regarded as a slightly spicier version of Spalt. Much like the noble hops, Spalter Select is spicy, flowery, and herbal, but Spalter Select also has undertones of ripe berries and citrus. Use this hop as a late boil addition in traditional lagers, cold fermented ales, Belgian ales, and weissbiers.

Flavor & Aroma: Flowers, Spice, Herbs, Ripe Berry, Lemon, Wood

Crop Year: 2021