2021 SAPHIR (GR)

Alpha Acids: 2 – 4.5%

Originally released in 2002 by the Hop Research Center in Hüll, Saphir is an excellent aroma hop originally bred as a possible Mittelfruh substitute. Saphir combines the earthy, spicy, floral flavors expected in a noble hop with its own unique and complex fruit profile: a sweet citrus aroma with notes of tangerine and red berries. Its low alpha acids (among the lowest in the world) combined with its extraordinarily low cohumulone levels help Saphir excel as an aroma addition for German lagers, Pilsners, and Belgian-style ales. It is a top choice for a dry hop addition in Pilsners.

Flavor & Aroma: Flowers, Spice, Tangerine, Red Berries, Herbs

Crop Year: 2021